Our residential projects range from new build houses of over £50 million to the design of large estates. We also carry out structural engineers surveys and provide reports.

Large Mansion, Surrey

This project was a large house situated in an extensive garden. Building above ground had planning limitations so much of the house was built underground, including a swimming pool and leisure facilities.

The water table here was relatively high, which was a problem particularly when designing the underground accommodation and the sunken garden, and resulted in the need to dewater the site. We also created a balancing pond to prevent surface flooding, which can be seen at the front of the house, along with a permeable driveway.

This house has a sale value of £50 million and a square footage of approximately square 20,000ft.

Sandcastle, Pevensey

This was an art deco house that had fallen into a state of slight disrepair, and structural work was particularly needed around the windows and in the hallway.

We provided designs for lintels over entrances into the hallway of the structure that allowed for widening of the openings. Designs were also created for load-bearing mullions which allowed for new glazing.

We were also able to advise the client on what needed to be discussed with Building Control for the work to be carried out safely and legally, as well as providing potential solutions in the event that structural justification was required.

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