We can provide structural engineer's surveys covering a range of features and issues. Our surveys are carried out by our structural engineers.
We can provide a free, no obligation quote.

A structural engineer’s survey is an investigation and report made by a Chartered Structural Engineer into the structural integrity of a building. A survey can cover many different features, usually paying close attention to one or two areas of concern, such as subsidence and cracking.  Please note that this is not a building survey.

An inspection will look at exposed and accessible parts of a building and can include the following potential issues:

  • Cracking of the structure, subsidence and progressive movement

  • Damp and rot

  • Condition of the roof structure, including roof spread and sagging

  • Failure or deflection of lintels and beams


We can look at any of the following problems individually or as part of a wider appraisal:

  • Underpinning investigation and design

  • Wall tie investigation (boroscope)

  • Ground slip and slope stability investigations

  • Radon and methane gas map check

  • Survey of boundary walls and other secondary structures

  • Specialist damp investigation

  • Underground drain test and closed circuit television surveys

  • Party wall notices and negotiations

  • Preparation of proposals for extensions and alterations

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote, stating the problem or problems you would like us to look at.

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